Welcome, Physios and Physical Therapists!

YOU CAN be a Telehealth PT.

Telehealth equals convenience, affordability, patient outreach, and business solutions with a projected global market value of $266.8 Billion by 2026. 
To help you get started, we offer:

  • FREE Telehealth PT treatment library
  • Downloadable courses
  • Telehealth PT Provider Network
  • PTlive+Digital Physio subscriptions

Telehealth PT Library

Watch hundreds of Telehealth PT video examples across a variety of diagnoses. If you wonder what Telehealth PT looks like, here it is!

PTlive + Digital Physio Membership

Join The Patient Centered Digital Physical Therapy Movement!

Telehealth Boot Camp (Downloadable)

22+ hours of teaching exactly HOW to treat orthopedic issues through Telehealth. Includes base knowledge, eval/treatments and Q&A sessions.

Telehealth Treasure Chest

Contains 30+ hours of downloadables with marketing, HIPAA, Q&A and more. Offered at an incredible bundled discount for a limited time.

Hands-Off Telehealth Crash Course (Download Only)

Order this discounted 1-day crash course and learn start-to-finish the process of building an online practice from scratch.