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Telehealth technologies are primed to explode the medical industry with exponential gains in convenience, affordability, and business outreach opportunities, with projected statistics of $10 Billion in growth by 2022, and $20 Billion by 2025. How can YOU take advantage of Telehealth as a PT? 

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Telehealth $10K!

Run your first Telehealth $10K! This is our inaugural competition to help the public, the profession & your pocket. **Reserve your spot now!

Telehealth Boot Camp For PTs (40+ hours of video content)

6-week LIVE Masterclass for treating common ortho issues in your digital practice. Includes:
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Telehealth Boot Camp (Downloadable)

22+ hours of teaching exactly HOW to treat orthopedic issues through Telehealth. Includes base knowledge, eval/treatments and Q&A sessions.

Telehealth Startups: An Overview & Providers Group

Join thousands of PTs already interested in or practicing Telehealth, and download a 60-minute Telehealth overview by Rob Vining.

Checklists and Systems To Launch Your Digital Practice

Pressure test your Telehealth concept and ensure you have completed all of the crucial steps in this ultimate ‘Getting Started’ guide.

Digital.Physio & PTlive.me On-Boarding

Digital.Physio and PTlive.me On-Boarding: for PTs/Physios who triage patients, get paid and get new patient evaluations, seamlessly!

What's in a Name? Choosing the Best Domain

In this 8-page PDF and 20-minute video bundle, Glenn Ruscoe explores important factors in choosing a successful domain to launch your digital practice.

ROB Talks: DPT Program & Private Practice Lecture Series

PTlive.me founder Rob Vining demonstrates advances in Telehealth to private practice owners and DPT program students at universities across the US.

Mentor Mania with Nick & Russell

Successful DPTs Nick Bracciante & Russell Manalastas emphasize the importance of mentorship when starting a digital practice.

Doxy.me - The simple, free & secure telemedicine solution®

We've made telemedicine simple and easy for you. Create your personal room and start practicing telemedicine today.

Driving Telehealth: Podcast & Video Collection

Downloadable audio and video episodes highlighting the history, technological development, and various perspectives driving the future of Telehealth.

Top Tips For Telehealth

A growing tip-glossary for starting and fortifying your own Telehealth practice. Check back for more updates as they roll in!

Telehealth Jumpstart: Blueprint Consult

In this 1-hour consult, we'll discuss your practice goals and develop a personalized strategy to get you on a clear path to Telehealth!

HIPAA Applicability & Security Protocols: An Overview

An overview of HIPAA applications for covered and non-covered entities, and deciphering where your Telehealth practice resides.

Treatment Techniques in Telehealth

This 3-video bundle demonstrates how the spine, knee and shoulder can be treated utilizing rapid-fix techniques via Telehealth. 

Telehealth Tuesdays: Webinar Q&A Marathon

Archived Q&A webinars featuring in-depth discussion on Telehealth-related opportunities, marketing, engagement, technology, security, and more.

Marketing & Digital Engagement in Telehealth

Highly informative video discussions highlighting various Telehealth platforms and shortcut strategies designed to attract new patients to your practice.

Level Up - Ultimate Telehealth Package

This combines the Telehealth Treasure Chest and the Telehealth Crash Course (Download only) in one bundle at a discount price of $1050.
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Level Up PLUS - Telehealth Package

This combines the Downloadable Telehealth Boot Camp & Crash Course and Treasure Chest in one bundle at a discount price $1550
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Telehealth Treasure Chest

Contains 12+ hours of downloadables with 6+ hours of online eval and treatment demos. Offered at an incredible bundled discount for a limited time only!

Hands-Off Telehealth Crash Course (Download Only)

Order this discounted 1-day crash course and learn start-to-finish the process of building an online practice from scratch. 

Hands-On Telehealth Crash Course (Virtual Assistance)

Reserve 1 of 5 spots for a 6-hour LIVE crash course, and learn start-to-finish the process of building an online practice from scratch.
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Telehealth $10K Media Kit

Use the supplied media kit to help inform and obtain patients for those PTs who are competing in the Telehealth $10K!

Telehealth PT - Treatment Video Library

Membership Includes:
  • Sample Mock Evaluation and Treatment (You Are The Mock Patient)
  • 24/7 Access 'Telehealth Treatment Video Library'
  • Treatment Techniques in Telehealth ($350)
  • Monthly Case Studies With Analysis and Discussion (Recorded/Available 24/7)
  • Access To Each New Mock Evaluation and Treatment (Current and Future)
  • Qualify and Participate in Upcoming PTforPTs.com