Telehealth Training for Digital Physical Therapy: Physios / PTs / PTAs

Free and Low-Cost Telehealth Physical Therapy Business Training + Professional Development:

• Telehealth Evaluations + Treatments
• Insurance + Medicare Reimbursement
• Legal + Business Planning for Telehealth
• Telehealth Policies + Procedures Manual
• Front Desk Patient Acquisition Strategies
• Telehealth PT Marketing Concepts

Join over 12,500 members in the Telehealth PT Providers Group to discuss Telehealth treatment methods, safe technologies, live webinars and more.

Marketing to Make a Difference: Telehealth Physical Therapy in a Patient-Focused Economy

Learn proven Telehealth patient conversion and referral strategies for clinics and PTs.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Sales Success Strategies with Expert Jerry Durham, PT

Register through July 8th to learn high-conversion front desk and live-help patient acquisition strategies for clinics and independent PTs.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Billing & Reimbursement Methods - Insurance & Medicare (In-Network & Out-of-Network)

12+ hours of expert video training + Q&A on private insurance and Medicare reimbursement procedures for Telehealth PT, OT and SLP providers.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Policy Manual: Policies & Procedures for a Current & Compliant Digital Practice

Current as of April 2020: Operational and compliance guidelines + 30-minute video on practical application for Telehealth providers.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Legal & Business Strategies to Bridge the Private Practice Gap

Legal and business guidance for transitioning private practice to Telehealth beyond economic crisis, with attorney and PT, Gwen Simons.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Orthopedic Concepts Case Study Q&As: 2020-2021

Annual subscription to 2x-monthly Live Q&A Case Studies: Real Telehealth solutions to challenging orthopedic topics in physical therapy.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Techniques: Orthopedic Evaluation & Treatment Training

22+ hours of orthopedic Telehealth evaluation and treatment demos, including musculoskeletal patient examples and pre-recorded Q&A sessions.

FREE Business Assistance: Telehealth Physical Therapy Practice Startup Package

FREE Business Assistance Package: Add digital evals and treatments to your physical therapy practice with our Telehealth startup package.