Welcome Physios, PTs and PTAs!

Telehealth PT equals convenience, affordability, patient outreach, and business solutions with a projected global market value of $266.8 Billion by 2026. 

Today's patients are using Telemedicine as a more convenient healthcare option, increasing the demand for online medical services, including physical therapy triage, evaluation, and treatment.
Telehealth PT offers:

  • FREE Telehealth PT treatment library
  • FREE Telehealth PT provider network
  • Downloads & CEU-qualified courses

Telehealth PT Library

320+ Telehealth PT treatment videos catalogued by diagnosis. Download any or all for an in-depth look at real Telehealth PTs in action.

Telehealth: Building Your Digital Practice - 16 CEU Course

Interactive business development to expand current practice models and jumpstart new revenue streams through online physical therapy.

Telehealth Treatment Bootcamp

Learn orthopedic telehealth treatments with 22+ hours of educational demos, including base knowledge, evals, treatments, and Q&A sessions.

Telehealth Treasure Chest

30+ hours of downloadable content, including marketing, tech, webinars, HIPPA and more. Offered at an incredible value for a limited time.

DIY Telehealth Practice Website

Build your own online practice with our 4-hour guided tutorial, including website build, live chat, scheduling, and calendar integrations.