2020 Telehealth Physical Therapy - Training Physios :: PTs :: PTAs

In response to COVID-19 and global relief efforts, Telehealth PT reports leading industry updates on compliance, insurance, reimbursement, and current events through the Telehealth Physical Therapy Providers Facebook Group. Join us for interactive discussion on telehealth-readiness, secure technology, treatment options, and more.

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Telehealth Legal and Business Planning during Covid-19: Steps to Bridge the Gap for Your Private Practice

Vital information and guidance to transition your practice during Covid-19. Recorded 3/27 w/Attorney Gwen Simons & TelehelathPT's Rob Vining

The "Everything You Need" Package

Looking to add Telehealth to your physical therapy clinic or solo practice? Look no further. Launch in a weekend! Free for those in need.

Telehealth PT Library

320+ Telehealth PT treatment videos catalogued by diagnosis. Download any or all for an in-depth look at real Telehealth PTs in action.

DIY Telehealth Practice Website

Build your own online practice with our 4-hour guided tutorial, including website build, live chat, scheduling, and calendar integrations.

Telehealth Treatment Bootcamp

Learn orthopedic telehealth treatments with 22+ hours of educational demos, including base knowledge, evals, treatments, and Q&A sessions.

Telehealth Orthopedic Concepts Q&A - Monthly

Telehealth 2-Hour Monthly Q&A With An Orthopedic Focus. Bring Your Toughest Telehealth Case. All Cases Kept Confidential.