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Telehealth Physical Therapy Orthopedic Concepts Case Study Q&As: 2020-2021

2020-21 Annual Subscription:
Register to access and download the 24-case study periodical library of Telehealth Ortho Concepts with semi-monthly, live-recorded Q&A group discussion. Registration includes regularly scheduled Zoom-based participation in live Q&A Telehealth Orthopedic Concepts sessions with Ryan Shelton, PT.

Beginning May 1, 2020 and continuing twice monthly for 12 months, Ryan tackles difficult ortho case studies to discuss effective treatment solutions with a Telehealth focus.

Retroactive annual subscriptions may be purchased at any time, and will include access to archived periodicals of each recorded Q&A, plus participation in all live Q&As remaining in that annual period.

NOTE: Due to content restrictions and copyrights, there are no refunds available for any reason after purchasing this product.

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