DIY Telehealth Practice Website by Telehealth Physical Therapy

DIY Telehealth Practice Website

Build your own online, digital practice with this 4-hour guided DIY tutorial. Includes:
  • Website build & hosting platform
  • Domain hosting & connection
  • PTlive chat and scheduling integration
  • Google calendar integration
  • And more!

What's included?

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Course Outline
Domain Registration with Hover.mp4
2 mins
Wix Account Registration.mp4
1 min
Zoom Account Registration and Encryption.mp4
2 mins
Step 1 - Start HERE!.mp4
(1h 07m 00s)
THCC 1 - Hover.mp4
14 mins
THCC 2 - Wix and G-Suite.mp4
50 mins
THCC 2.5 - GSUITE HIPAA 2019.mp4
2 mins
THCC 2.75 - G-Suite Email - Filters, Delay Send & Templates.mp4
13 mins
THCC 3 - Zoom.mp4
14 mins
THCC 4 - Scheduling and Payment.mp4
32 mins
Bonus Tips!
Telehealth Mechanical Breakdown.pdf
60.4 KB
Intake and Consent Forms.mp4
10 mins
Wix Switch Templates.mp4
4 mins
Zoom File Into Google Drive.mp4
1 min
Send patient videos via ATM plus PIN security method.mp4
3 mins

2020 Telehealth Physical Therapy - Training Physios :: PTs :: PTAs

In response to COVID-19 and global relief efforts, Telehealth PT reports leading industry updates on compliance, insurance, reimbursement, and current events through the Telehealth Physical Therapy Providers Facebook Group. Join us for interactive discussion on telehealth-readiness, secure technology, treatment options, and more.

Scroll for Training Materials including:
  • FREE Telehealth PT treatment library
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What does the Telehealth Crash Course include?

Included in the complete walkthrough:

1 - Register your unique domain with
2 - Register with to build a simple website
3 - Upgrade to connect your domain to your website
4 - Enable domain email and HIPAA-compliant G Suite for email, scheduling, calendar syncing, and more
5 - Connect scheduling & payments to your website
6 - Connect Clinic and PT accounts to your website
7 - Connect a Zoom account to your website and PTlive accounts
8 - Launch your website and start treating patients!

This is a complete 6-8 hour video series. Each session will be 1.5-2 hours of course time. Following this series will assist you in building your own Telehealth practice in a single course.

Download instructions will be provided upon pre-order.