Telehealth Physical Therapy Practice: DIY Website Builder (2018) by Telehealth Physical Therapy

Telehealth Physical Therapy Practice: DIY Website Builder (2018)

Build your own online, digital practice with this 4-hour guided DIY tutorial. Includes:
  • Website build & hosting platform
  • Domain hosting & connection
  • PTlive chat and scheduling integration
  • Google calendar integration
  • And more!

What's included?

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Course Outline
Domain Registration with Hover.mp4
2 mins
Wix Account Registration.mp4
1 min
Zoom Account Registration and Encryption.mp4
2 mins
Step 1 - Start here - Telehealth Physical Therapy.mp4
(1h 07m 00s)
THCC 1 - Hover.mp4
14 mins
THCC 2 - Wix and G-Suite.mp4
50 mins
THCC 2.5 - GSUITE HIPAA 2019.mp4
2 mins
THCC 2.75 - G-Suite Email - Filters, Delay Send & Templates.mp4
13 mins
THCC 3 - Zoom.mp4
14 mins
THCC 4 - Scheduling and Payment.mp4
32 mins
Bonus Tips!
Telehealth Mechanical Breakdown.pdf
60.4 KB
Intake and Consent Forms.mp4
10 mins
Wix Switch Templates.mp4
4 mins
Zoom File Into Google Drive.mp4
1 min
Send patient videos via ATM plus PIN security method.mp4
3 mins


What does the Telehealth Crash Course include?

Included in the complete walkthrough:

1 - Register your unique domain with
2 - Register with to build a simple website
3 - Upgrade to connect your domain to your website
4 - Enable domain email and HIPAA-compliant G Suite for scheduling & calendar syncing
5 - Connect scheduling & payments to your website
6 - Connect a Zoom account to your website 
7 - Launch your website and start treating patients!

This is a complete 6-8 hour video series. Each session will be 1.5-2 hours of course time. Following this series will assist you in building your own Telehealth practice in a single course.

Download instructions will be provided upon pre-order.