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We've made telemedicine simple and easy for you. Create your personal room and start practicing telemedicine today.

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Welcome, Physios and Physical Therapists!

Life is too short to limit your career.

Telehealth technologies are primed to explode the medical industry with exponential gains in convenience, affordability, and business outreach opportunities, with projected global market value at $49.8 Billion in 2018, and $266.8 Billion by 2026. How can YOU take advantage of Telehealth as a PT? 

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

See a live demo/webinar of our Professional version which is ideal for individual users.
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Is this really free? How do you make money?
We believe that everyone should have access to telemedicine, cost should never be a barrier to offering simple and secure video option to your patients. That’s why we offer a completely free version for those starting out with telemedicine, low-utilizers, or those who can’t afford it otherwise. We subsidize the cost of offering the free version with revenue from those who upgrade to a paid version.

Why should I choose a paid plan over the free?
It’s really up to what you need. The Professional and Clinic plan have premium features that provide a superior telemedicine experience for you and your clients. Most who upgrade appreciate the added value gained from the premium features.

Is this secure?
All data is encrypted, patient sessions are anonymous (we don't know who you are) and no patient info is stored persistently. We use the AES cipher with 128-bit keys to encrypt audio/video, and HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity.

Are there discounts for non-profits, students or researchers?
Yes! was created for a research study at a University, we love helping out students and researchers studying telemedicine. Also, we love when non-profits use us to serve others. Contact us and tell us what you’re doing.

Do you provide a practice management or EHR capability?
We focus on providing the best video user experience possible, at the lowest cost. We recommend finding a good practice management or EHR solution that focuses on what they do best. Combining the best video solution with the best practice management/EHR will be the best.

Is there low utilization pricing?
Yes, if you’re doing less than 5 calls a month, you may be eligible for volume discounts. Connect with our sales team about a discounted rate.

Am I locked into a contract?
Not at all! We don’t tie you down with a contract. We believe in keeping our customers with a great product and exceptional customer support. You can cancel at any time.

Do you integrated with EHRs?
Because is so simple it’s really easy to integrate with any EHR or practice management solution. Most of the time, integration can be achieved simply by embedding your room URL as a custom button or scheduling note. For more complex integrations, contact us.