FREE Business Assistance: Telehealth Physical Therapy Practice Startup Package by Telehealth Physical Therapy

FREE Business Assistance: Telehealth Physical Therapy Practice Startup Package

For Telehealth clinic startups and private practice solutions, Telehealth PT offers "Everything You Need" FREE to help implement Telehealth services ASAP.

If you are a physical therapy provider and have questions related to this package, join the Telehealth PT Providers Group for timely updates on critical topics and current events. For training in Telehealth treatments, legal compliance and business planning, policies and procedures, billing and reimbursement, sales strategies, and marketing concepts, click on each link to learn more.

NOTE: Due to content restrictions and copyrights, there are no refunds available for any reason after purchasing this product.

Suggested Library Order

We suggest starting with the following libraries:

1 - Telehealth Starter Pack: A guide to getting started as an independent provider
2 - Telehealth PT Library: Examples of Telehealth treatments with various diagnosis
3 - Marketing and Digital Engagement in Telehealth: Content marketing strategies for patient conversion and success
4 - DIY Telehealth Practice Website: A website-building guide to Telehealth scheduling, payment, and chat integrations on the Wix hosting platform
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Includes ALL Video Packages Below

Driving Telehealth: Podcast & Video Collection

Downloadable audio and video episodes highlighting the history, technological development, and various perspectives driving the future of Telehealth.

HIPAA Applicability & Security Protocols: An Overview

An overview of HIPAA applications for covered and non-covered entities, and deciphering where your Telehealth practice resides.

Marketing & Digital Engagement in Telehealth

Highly informative video discussions highlighting various Telehealth platforms and shortcut strategies designed to attract new patients to your practice.

Post-Surgical Telehealth Physical Therapy Techniques: Orthopedic Evaluation & Treatment Training

This free "Post Surgical" section is part of our Telehealth Physical Therapy Techniques: Orthopedic Evaluation and Treatment Training course

ROB Talks: DPT Program & Private Practice Lecture Series

Rob Vining, MSPT demonstrates advances in Telehealth to private practice owners and DPT program students at universities across the US.

Telehealth: News in Review

News, updates and commentary on Telehealth industry expansion, research, reimbursement, modalities, and more.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Practice: DIY Website Builder (2018)

Build your own online practice with our 4-hour guided tutorial, including website build, live chat, scheduling, and calendar integrations.

Telehealth Starter Pack

Developed to help you start a Telehealth practice or implement this emergent clinic component as efficiently as possible.

Telehealth Tuesdays: Webinar Q&A Marathon

Archived Q&A webinars featuring in-depth discussion on Telehealth-related opportunities, marketing, engagement, technology, security, and more.

Top Tips For Telehealth

A growing tip-glossary for starting and fortifying your own Telehealth practice. Check back for more updates as they roll in!

Treatment Techniques in Telehealth

This 3-video bundle demonstrates how the spine, knee and shoulder can be treated utilizing rapid-fix techniques via Telehealth. 

Treatment Techniques in Telehealth: Bonus

Playlists of 8+ hours of Telehealth physical therapy mock-visits and treatment techniques, and a special series on Tendinosis and Tissue Dysfunction.