Level Up PLUS - Telehealth Package by Telehealth PT

Level Up PLUS - Telehealth Package

This combines the Telehealth Treasure Chest, the Telehealth Crash Course & Telehealth Boot Camp (Downloadable) in one bundle at a discount price of $1550.

More Than 50 Hours of Content! *Regular Price - $2675.00

Hands-Off Telehealth Crash Course (Download Only)

Order this discounted 1-day crash course and learn start-to-finish the process of building an online practice from scratch. 

HIPAA Applicability & Security Protocols: An Overview

An overview of HIPAA applications for covered and non-covered entities, and deciphering where your Telehealth practice resides.

Marketing & Digital Engagement in Telehealth

Highly informative video discussions highlighting various Telehealth platforms and shortcut strategies designed to attract new patients to your practice.

Telehealth Boot Camp (Downloadable)

22+ hours of teaching exactly HOW to treat orthopedic issues through Telehealth. Includes base knowledge, eval/treatments and Q&A sessions.

Telehealth Jumpstart: Blueprint Consult

In this 1-hour consult, we'll discuss your practice goals and develop a personalized strategy to get you on a clear path to Telehealth!

Telehealth Monthly: News in Review

Monthly updates and commentary on Telehealth industry expansion, research, reimbursement, modalities, and more.

Telehealth Tuesdays: Webinar Q&A Marathon

Archived Q&A webinars featuring in-depth discussion on Telehealth-related opportunities, marketing, engagement, technology, security, and more.

Treatment Techniques in Telehealth

This 3-video bundle demonstrates how the spine, knee and shoulder can be treated utilizing rapid-fix techniques via Telehealth.