Telehealth Orthopedic Concepts Q&A Case Studies: 2020-2021 by Telehealth Physical Therapy

Telehealth Orthopedic Concepts Q&A Case Studies: 2020-2021

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Free Case Study- Chronic Lumbar and Lower Extremity Symptoms - Eval & 2 Follow Up Treatments - Excellent Outcome Via Telehealth

Ryan Shelton, PT and Rob Vining, MSPT discuss what in-depth case studies will achieve for orthopedic PTs, PTAs, and Physios in the Telehealth space.
This video illustrates the basis of knowledge for successful Telehealth evaluations and treatments around orthopedic concerns.
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June 2020 Q&A
THOC - (HD) - 6 1 20.mp4
(1h 01m 24s)
THOC - (SD) - 6 1 20.mp4
(1h 01m 24s)
THOC - (MP3) - 6 1 20.mp3
(1h 01m 24s)
037 - wrist.mp4
41 mins
May 18th, 2020 Case Study + Q&A
THOC - (HD) - 5 18 20.mp4
(1h 09m 02s)
THOC - (SD) - 5 18 20.mp4
(1h 09m 02s)
THOC - (MP3) - 5 18 20.mp3
(1h 09m 02s)
046 - Possible Lateral Epicondylitis - Full Evaluation.mp4
38 mins
May 1, 2020 Case Study + Q&A
THOC - (HD) - 5 1 20.mp4
(1h 39m 15s)
THOC - (SD) - 5 1 20.mp4
(1h 39m 15s)
THOC - (MP3) - 5 1 20.mp3
(1h 39m 15s)
020 - Potential Knee - Meniscal Issue.mp4
40 mins
057 - Potential Knee - Meniscal Issue.mp4
34 mins
044 - Potential Knee - Meniscal Issue.mp4
39 mins
April 17, 2020 Case Study + Q&A
THOC - (HD) - 4 17 20.mp4
(1h 55m 14s)
THOC - (SD) - 4 17 20.mp4
(1h 55m 14s)
THOC - (MP3) - 4 17 20.mp3
(1h 55m 14s)
049 - Low Back - Case Study 4-17-20.mp4
53 mins
053 - Low Back - Case Study 4-17-20.mp4
35 mins
097 - Low Back - Case Study 4-17-20.mp4
32 mins
Ryan Shelton - Telehealth Evaluations and Treatments
001 - Knee.mp4
39 mins
002 - Hamstring - Glute.mp4
40 mins
003 - Shoulder.mp4
37 mins
004 - Fingers - Hands.mp4
42 mins
005 - Shoulder.mp4
37 mins
006 - Low Back.mp4
47 mins
007 - Back.mp4
36 mins
008 - Low Back.mp4
40 mins
009 - Foot.mp4
39 mins
010 - Low Back - SI.mp4
35 mins


This periodical is intended to be helpful. The information and model treatment methods contained in it have been compiled from professional experience, and developed by a highly educated Telehealth provider who has implemented similar programs. Users are encouraged to maintain professional development and regulatory vigilance to monitor ongoing changes since publication. and Ryan Shelton, PT make no guarantees as to, nor assumes any liability for the correctness, sufficiency, or completeness of the information and recommendations contained in this publication. and Ryan Shleton, PT make no real or implied guarantee that by using these tools you guarantee patient outcomes. and Ryan Shelton, PT accept no responsibility for any liability, loss, or damage resulting from use of these tools in your practice.

Successful patient evaluations and treatments depend on education, preparation, consistent performance, documentation of your own efforts, and participation in ongoing monitoring of regulatory and treatment environments. You are encouraged to review and update treatment models and patient plans of care on an ongoing basis, and to consult with a licensed attorney as needed to ensure legal compliance in all areas of practice.