Driving Telehealth: Podcast & Video Collection by Telehealth Physical Therapy

Driving Telehealth: Podcast & Video Collection

This hand-selected collection of podcast and video episodes highlights the history, education, creativity, technological development, and varying perspectives driving the future of Telehealth.

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Telehealth Training for Digital Physical Therapy: Physios / PTs / PTAs

Free and Low-Cost Telehealth Physical Therapy Business Training + Professional Development:

• Telehealth Evaluations + Treatments
• Insurance + Medicare Reimbursement
• Legal + Business Planning for Telehealth
• Telehealth Policies + Procedures Manual
• Front Desk Patient Acquisition Strategies
• Telehealth PT Marketing Concepts

Join over 12,500 members in the Telehealth PT Providers Group to discuss Telehealth treatment methods, safe technologies, live webinars and more.