Telehealth Startups: An Overview & Providers Group by Telehealth PT

Telehealth Startups: An Overview & Providers Group

Join >4,000 PTs already interested in or practicing Telehealth, with an invite to our private Facebook group: Telehealth Physical Therapy Providers. Get our downloadable, 60-minute Telehealth overview by Rob Vining, co-founder of

Telehealth Primer 2019

Telehealth pioneer Rob Vining, PT provides an excellent primer for Telehealth Physical Therapists to watch and learn just enough to see the potential, but not enough to overwhelm!
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Welcome, Physios and Physical Therapists!

Life is too short to limit your career.

Telehealth technologies are primed to explode the medical industry with exponential gains in convenience, affordability, and business outreach opportunities, with projected global market value at $49.8 Billion in 2018, and $266.8 Billion by 2026. How can YOU take advantage of Telehealth as a PT? 

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How do I start? Anyone else doing this?

Join over 1,700 other Physical Therapists who are learning, sharing, and experimenting in various Telehealth models and usable technologies. You'll receive a link to our private Facebook group, along with a downloadable 60-minute video walkthrough that demonstrates how to start a simple telehealth business from the ground up.