Top Tips For Telehealth by Telehealth PT

Top Tips For Telehealth

A growing tip-glossary for starting and fortifying your own Telehealth practice. Check back for more updates as they roll in!

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Using as your front office scheduler & calendar.mp4
48 mins
Encrypt your free account.mp4
1 min
Send patient videos via ATM plus PIN security method.mp4
3 mins
Sound Baffling.mp4
5 mins
Zoom turn off patient name in video.mp4
2 mins
Informed Consent and Intake.mp4
10 mins
Remove "Google Hangouts" From Default Calendar Invite (Step 2 of 2).mp4
3 mins
Add Doc as PDF to Drive and Share URL.mp4
4 mins
Edit Live Video Link Inside Your PTlive Account.mp4
3 mins
Remove "Google Meet" From Default Calendar Invite (Step 1 of 2).mp4
4 mins
State Rules and Regulations.pdf
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Secured Signing.mp4
5 mins
PT Insurance For Telehealth Via HPSO.pdf
116 KB
Zoom Audio Input.mp4
3 mins
Zoom Timer.mp4
2 mins
Zoom Outside Country Phone Call.mp4
3 mins
Connect Calendly to Gmail to Zoom.mp4
4 mins

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