Telehealth Jumpstart: Mini Consult by Telehealth PT

Telehealth Jumpstart: Mini Consult

In this helpful, half-hour mini-consult, we'll discuss your Telehealth goals and develop a clear strategy to get you started.

What's included?

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Telehealth Startup Mini Consult

Welcome, Physios and Physical Therapists!

Life is too short to limit your career.

Telehealth technologies are primed to explode the medical industry with exponential gains in convenience, affordability, and business outreach opportunities, with projected statistics of $10 Billion in growth by 2022, and $20 Billion by 2025. How can YOU take advantage of Telehealth as a PT? 

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What does the 30-minute Telehealth consult cover?

In this initial consult, we provide the most expedient guidance for creating and implementing your own Telehealth system. To develop the best solution for your online practice, our suggestions are tailored to the following:

1 - Are you creating a new virtual practice, or are you looking to integrate Telehealth into your current brick-and-mortar clinic?
2 - Do you have a history of successfully implementing new technologies into your practice, or do you need more assistance with tech support?
3 - Do you have the time to dedicate to building a Telehealth system on your own, following simple video instruction? Or have you tried this previously and failed to launch successfully?
4 - Do you have an idea of how to start, or do you need full-service help with implementation and tech integrations?
5 - What level of financial growth do you expect to meet or exceed by treating patients via Telehealth?

In addition to answering these questions, we'll dig in further and work with you to establish a clear direction on whatever road you choose.